Project Budget

The following table represents the project expense and revenue for the Jakmel Expresyon Art Center Computer Facilities project in Haiti. Please note that only $3440 or roughly 10% are cash donations, and the rest are in-kind physical donations from our generous supporters. Over the next few months, we will be asking all of you to help us raise the funds to continue the work of facilities installation and maintenance and training until Jakmel Expresyon has the capacity to sustain the lab on its own.

JE Computing Facilities Budget
(as of 5/15/2011)
Projected Actual/Received Donations

Electrical $2,770.00 $800.00
Network $1,880.00 $740.00
Hardware $17,175.35 $12,822.97
Software $16,339.15 $9,069.84
AV $12,520.54 $2,806.72
Shipping $4,000.00 $2,400.00
Flights $2,000.00
Furniture $1,410.00 $800.00


Totals $58,095.04 $29,679.53