Techne Labs is a collective whose mission is to design and install multi-media computer labs and related computing facilities in Haiti to support creative expression and social interaction. Our collective has diverse and relevant implementation experience, ranging from managing academic instructional facilities, designing computing labs in low resource countries to software entrepreneurship and film making.

As our first project we have to selected to create Computer Facilities for Jakmel Ekspresyon Art Center.  Over the next year, the collective has various work trips planned to Haiti to install labs, network with both Haitian and international collaborators,  find new creative venues and explore the computing needs of potential projects. Future projects will include supporting the infrastructure of similar creative organizations and other socially sustaining organizations, such as orphanages and health collectives, in Jakmel and other parts of Haiti.

Techne is a Greek word often translated as “the productive knowledge of craftsmanship.” We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work and to learn within the intersection of technology and creative expression.