Computer Gear in PaP waiting to get through customs.

The gear for the Multimedia Lab at Jakmel Expressyon in Haiti has reached Port au Prince. Zaka (JE Coordinator) and Steve (Co-founder of Techne Labs) are staying at Grassroots United in Port au Prince, waiting for the crates to come out of shipping. Haitian customs has become on of the biggest hurdles we have had to over come. Another is the current torrential rains. It is strange to struggle with internet because you can’t put your satellite modem outside in the downpour. We are pushing forward and are determined to find away to get the shipment to Jakmel. In the meantime while we are waiting for for a resolution to the shippings issues, Steve has been helping Grassroots United to develop their computer lab in PaP.

Grassroots United has been one of the most amazing groups of people I have met in Haiti. They are helping us to find ways to make the computer lab at Jakmel Ekspresyon a success. So I would like to give a big shout out to Grassroots people!

Right now we have many needs for this computer lab. The main need we have is funding for the electrical system. We may have enough capital to buy the equipment but that will leave us with no money to hire an electrician to install the system. It will also mean we will not have enough money to build the furniture. The prices for this equipment has raised significantly. Please help us by donating now. All donations are tax deductible. Even $10 will get us closer to our goal.

We are also looking for anyone who has connections to NGO’s in Haiti. Many of the NGO’s are packing up and shipping out. The funding for these different projects has dried up. We would like to try to cut our costs by connecting with these organizations and requesting donations such as batteries and office equipment.

Push the word forward and help us make this amazing opportunity for the Jakmel artists and youth a reality!

Sue Frame
Co-Founder Techne Labs